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We will be running an extra Sunday afternoon match on 28TH August 2016. Draw 12 noo

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The 20 anglers who fished today's Sunday open had a good afternoon early evening match.

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Woodland View Fishery

Top flight angling for experts and beginners too.

Through our facilities and pools we're able to offer a complete package that suits our regular professional match anglers as well as those new to the sport of fishing.

We have eight pools currently, comprising of Arles Pool, Deans Pool (front & back), Ghost Pool, Hay & Barley Pool, and the newly launched Club_Korum_Pool.html.

Each offers great angling, but for different kinds of fishing. Some of the pools are geared soley towards match anglers, namely Dean's Pool, which is a man-made match fishing lake. The relatively level depth of the pool makes for an even and fair match fishing venue. In contrast the Club Korum Pool is aimed at new anglers who want to catch in an environment that makes it easier to get results.

Grassroots level angler or seasoned pro...

With the launch of the Club Korum Pool, we at Woodland View Fishery are thrilled to see so many new anglers flocking to the sport. The initiate aims to encourage anyone to try fishing. The superb kit offered by Club Korum caters for those looking for an all-in-one solution, with packs for float, feeder and pole fishing. And with an onsite bait and tackle shop, you really can just turn up and fish (licenses are available online - and can even be purchased for just one day's angling, ideal for those wanting to try out fishing)

Easy access

Our reputation as a perfect venue for disabled angler's is one we're very proud of. Will all our pegs constructed of concrete and allowing easy, comfortable wheelchair access, disabled anglers are definately made to feel welcome.

All catered for

The onsite cafeteria offers a wide selection of tasty snacks, as well as hearty breakfasts and lunchtime menus - you're all set for a day's fishing, no need for a packed lunch or last minute trip to a garage!

There's also male and female toilets and of course there are facilities for the disabled fishing enthusiast too.

As well as offering some great amenities, the tackle shop carries a good stock of tackle and bait. From everyday endtackle, such as hooks, line and floats, the shop has excellent links with major tackle manufacturers and as such can offer excellent deals on many products. To protect our fishery, we ask that all angers adhere to the fishery rules, all  bait must comply. A simple way to make sure you'll stay out of trouble is to call in at the Peg One tackle shop before heading off to fish your peg. There you can ask any questions and make sure you've got the right bait.

Contact Us

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