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Fancy a days fishing,full English Breakfast & afternoon refreshments?

Then come and join us on Friday 17th August.The event is been hosted with the help of Dreck Upton from Rexel.

Entrance fee £25.00 with an optional pool.

Breakfast 8am -9am

Draw 0.15am

Fishing from 10.30am - 15.30pm

The event is been held to help raise funds for children in Romania who are in need of our support.

Please ring the fishery if you would like to take part.

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Fished on: Hay & Barley,
23rd September 2018

Place Name Weight
1st R GREEN B7 157.2LBS
2nd A DUNKS H3 112.8LBS
3rd J DARROW H11 91.8LBS
4th C HOPPS B2 87LBS
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Fished on: High Pool,
22nd September 2018

Place Name Weight
1st C GORGEN H17 78.8LBS
2nd C HOPPS H6 65.4LBS
3rd G KIRKHAM H22 59.12LBS
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Fished on: Front Deans, Back Deans,
19th September 2018

Place Name Weight
1st L RAY D34 172.6LBS
2nd J EAST D37 155LBS
3rd W PANBTING D39 147.4LBS
4th S FIELD D4 111.8LBS
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