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Nealley's Fundraising Match

Posted by Woodland View Fishery

On 10th June, 2017, 40 anglers took part in a charity match, here at Woodland View.

Fished on Arles and Front Deans and Back Deans, the match was saw some tough fishing. Weights ranged from low teens to over and above 130lb.

Larger carp helped to see bigger weights for the top 3 anglers on the day, with many seeing better fishing down the margins as the match came to an end.

All-out was called at 15:30 and the weigh in began.

Anglers retired to the cafeteria where the Woodland View Team announced the winners of each section and overall. This was followed by the raffle which saw the charity fund receive a massive £1,194.

This money will go towards Nealley's life saving neck surgery which the team at Woodlands have worked hard to support. Nealley's husband Pete was there to receive the money "It means so much to us that people come together like this to help out. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for taking part in the match and the raffle."

"I would also like to thank Mike and Denise for their continued support."

Mike volunteed to take part in a sponsored silence, stating that if he spoke on the day, he'd double the donation personally!

Anyone wishing to make a contribution to the fund, can do so online here at Nealley's Just Giving Page

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Latest Match Results

Fished on: Front Deans, Back Deans,
30th July 2017

Place Name Weight
1st Kev slade. 286-6.LBS D28
2nd P Taylor. 217-10LBS. D56
3rd S tibbits. 214-2LBS d42
4th M Taylor. 212-4. LBS D53
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Fished on: Front Deans,
29th July 2017

Place Name Weight
1st C Valender d14. 155-12LBS
2nd C Cox. D27. 151-4LBS
3rd S brown D4. 138-2LBS
4th B Anderson. D4 129-8LBS
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Fished on: Ghost Pool,
26th July 2017

Place Name Weight
1st C gorgen. G4. 74-8LBS
2nd R Wilson G6 70-4LBS
3rd T stein G8 65-3LBS
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