Disabled Access

Woodland View Welcomes Disabled Anglers and is developed with disabled anglers in mind.

Each pool is fully accessible and in most cases anglers can park very close to their chosen peg.

Image detailing the concrete pegs at Woodland View Fishery

In addition, each peg is constructed from concrete with a safety lip at the front. They are all designed to take a wheelchair.

To ensure maximum comfort, help is always available to anyone who needs assistance in getting to their peg.

We're certain that's why we host so many disabled matches at Woodlands throughout the year!

The main Cafeteria building at Woodland View incorporates wide doors and a ramp for easy wheelchair access as well as disabled toilet facilities.

"I came to your venue for the first time last Wednesday. I suffer from arthritus so access at many venues is tricky. I have been to many places these last few years but non as good as yours. The welcome that I received was friendly and the fishing was absolutely the best I've ever had. I am 41 and have been fishing for 20 odd years. Needless to say I will be back, my only problem is I cannot fish in the cold due to my illness, I just wish that I had found you in April. Once again thanks for the best day ever" 
Harvey Thompson


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Latest Match Results

Fished on: Arles Pool, Front Deans,
5th August 2018

Place Name Weight
1st KEV SLADE A40 249.12LBS
2nd MARK TAYLOR D30 216.4LBS
3rd C HOPPS A25 190.14LBS
4th A MANSFIELD D26 179.12LBS
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Fished on: Arles Pool, Front Deans,
4th August 2018

Place Name Weight
1st CHRIS HILL A8 132.12LBS
2nd S BROWN A4 122.14LBS
4th MARK TOOZE A16 98.10LBS
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Fished on: Arles Pool, High Pool,
1st August 2018

Place Name Weight
2nd S BROWN H30 151LBS
3rd PHIL RUTTER H32 115.8LBS
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