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Open Matches

Tuesday Affordable Open:

Draw time 9.00am
Fishing 10am - 3pm

Entrance fee: £16.00 

Wednesday Affordable Open; 

Entrance fee £14.00 All in.

Discounted peg fee £7.50 instead of £9.00

9.30 Draw fishing 10.30am- 3.30pm

Payout to be distributed down through the field.

Saturday Open:

Draw 9am
Fish 10am - 3pm

Entrance fee: £22.00 

Sunday Open:

Draw 9am
Fish 10am - 3pm

Entrance fee: £22.00 

Sunday Afternoon Open:

First match 2ND June 2019
Draw 12 noon

Fish 1pm - 6pm

Entrance Fee £22.00 

Anglers interested in fishing any of the above Open Matches are asked to contact : 07900 200 385, 01905 620872 & 07710 821 305 or complete the form below.

The waters used for matches will be decided on the day by the match organisers and will be dependent on number of anglers fishing, weather conditions and the number of other match bookings.

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Latest Match Results

Fished on: Arles Pool, Front Deans, Back Deans, High Pool,
13th January 2019

Place Name Weight
1st Pete Bailey A37 78.8LBS
2nd O BOSWELL A6 71.10LBS
3rd S BROWN H10 57LBS
4th J ASTLE D27 50LBS
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Fished on: Arles Pool, Ghost Pool,
12th January 2019

Place Name Weight
1st Andy Beasley G16 16.3LBS
2nd D HUGHES G19 13.4LBS
3rd J DALE G3 13LBS
4th A POLLARD A38 10.6LBS
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Fished on: Hay & Barley,
6th January 2019

Place Name Weight
1st J ASTLE B7 69.4LBS
2nd M PRITCHARD B17 63.10LBS
4th E GREY B15 45.4LBS
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