Arles Pool

A map showing the Arles Pool at Woodland View Fishery

As well as club bookings, high profile contests and open matches. Arles pool holds 40 Pegs and has a central island which gives anglers plenty of features to fish to. Arles is classed as an easy water to fish. A great pool for fishing either the pole close in, or in open water, or the waggler in open water close into the side or against the island. Arles pool is also popular on the feeder.
Excellent Stock and mix of fish...

Arles pool holds a good head and mix of fish including common,mirror,ghost and leather carp that run to 20lbs and average between 5lbs and 6lbs,tench to 6lbs and averaging 2lbs- 3lbs,bream to 7lbs and again averaging 2lbs - 3lbs,perch to 3lbs,plus a large head of crucians.

A local pleasure angler from Worcester was fishing a straight lead to the island with sweetcorn on the hook and caught a 14lb Mirror Carp.

In addition there are good stocks of roach and rudd to 2lbs,golden orfe to 3lbs,chub to 4lb and even barbel which show regularly and which run to 6lbs-good fighting fish by any standards.

Matches are frequently won with weights in excess of 150lbs.



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Latest Match Results

Fished on: Front Deans, Back Deans,
30th July 2017

Place Name Weight
1st Kev slade. 286-6.LBS D28
2nd P Taylor. 217-10LBS. D56
3rd S tibbits. 214-2LBS d42
4th M Taylor. 212-4. LBS D53
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Fished on: Front Deans,
29th July 2017

Place Name Weight
1st C Valender d14. 155-12LBS
2nd C Cox. D27. 151-4LBS
3rd S brown D4. 138-2LBS
4th B Anderson. D4 129-8LBS
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Fished on: Ghost Pool,
26th July 2017

Place Name Weight
1st C gorgen. G4. 74-8LBS
2nd R Wilson G6 70-4LBS
3rd T stein G8 65-3LBS
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