Ghost Pool

A map showing the Ghost Pool at Woodland View Fishery

Like Hay & Barley Pools, Ghost pool is another Woodland View competition water and is again stocked with carp up to 20lbs, small tench, skimmer bream, perch and roach. Slightly larger than Hay & Barley at an acre in size, it holds 25 pegs and is often fished by anglers using either the waggler or feeder out in the centre on maggots, caster, sweetcorn, meat or Wooodland pellets.

There are large number of fish in the 3lbs - 4lbs range. Match catches regularly average 100lbs plus, whilst the good head of silver fish mean the pool fishes well in both summer and winter.

Ghost pool is reserved for competitions and therefore is not available to pleasure anglers.


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Latest Match Results

Fished on: Arles Pool, Front Deans, Back Deans, High Pool,
13th January 2019

Place Name Weight
1st Pete Bailey A37 78.8LBS
2nd O BOSWELL A6 71.10LBS
3rd S BROWN H10 57LBS
4th J ASTLE D27 50LBS
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Fished on: Arles Pool, Ghost Pool,
12th January 2019

Place Name Weight
1st Andy Beasley G16 16.3LBS
2nd D HUGHES G19 13.4LBS
3rd J DALE G3 13LBS
4th A POLLARD A38 10.6LBS
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Fished on: Hay & Barley,
6th January 2019

Place Name Weight
1st J ASTLE B7 69.4LBS
2nd M PRITCHARD B17 63.10LBS
4th E GREY B15 45.4LBS
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