Woodlands Pool

A map showing the Woodland View Pool at Woodland View Fishery

The Woodlands pool is the smallest on the venue. It has proved to be a great favourite with children, pensioners and less able-bodied anglers and is widely regarded as the most prolific water on the fishery offering some 'easy' fishing.

This pool is heavily stocked with most species of coarse fish including a large head of roach and rudd to 1lb, mirror, common and leather carp to 12lbs, crucians to about 1lb as well as tench, bream and even chub.

Anglers are requested to note that children 12 years old or less must be accompanied by an adult when at Woodland View Fishery.



Great fishing whatever the weather ...

This is one of those waters where virtually anything goes whatever the weather or time of year. Because of its size, pole and waggler fishing are most popular whilst favoured baits include maggots, casters, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and Woodland pellets.

Because of the large head of rudd, great sport can also be had in summer fishing shallow with maggots or caster picking off the fish as the cruise on or just under the surface. Children often report that they have caught between 200 and 300 fish at a sitting.




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5th August 2018

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1st KEV SLADE A40 249.12LBS
2nd MARK TAYLOR D30 216.4LBS
3rd C HOPPS A25 190.14LBS
4th A MANSFIELD D26 179.12LBS
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Fished on: Arles Pool, Front Deans,
4th August 2018

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1st CHRIS HILL A8 132.12LBS
2nd S BROWN A4 122.14LBS
4th MARK TOOZE A16 98.10LBS
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1st August 2018

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2nd S BROWN H30 151LBS
3rd PHIL RUTTER H32 115.8LBS
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